Download Screenshot

This window shows an overview of the items selected for download. These items could be music downloads, MP3s, or entire movies.

TubeBox gives an overview of all your downloads and makes it easier for you to build up a personal collection. The built-in Download Manager can manage multiple movie and music downloads and video conversions at the same time.

Download Screenshot

During this process, the status and progress of individual downloads can be followed and also appear as a preview. So if you find a site with music you want to download for free (legally, of course!), you can chart its progress here and see when the download is complete.

In the options, TubeBox lets you adjust the download settings accordingly and set the number of maximum, simultaneous downloads so as not to use up all of your internet bandwidth. After completion and conversion of the video/music, you can clear the download list and enjoy your MP3s or videos. Tubebox can be used not only to download free music but also as a video downloader and converter, making it an extremely versatile tool.