Converter Screenshot

The built-in TubeBox multimedia converter features an MP3 converter and video converter and allows for a wide range of conversions for a specific format and/or device (smartphone, iPad, iPhone, etc.)

So you can use TubeBox to download YouTube videos, for example, or videos from other portals, and save these as songs or videos on your computer.

Converter Screenshot

Select conversion option „MP3” to extract the video as a music track and download it.

However, the TubeBox video converter provides a number of formats for different uses. The „Computer” option offers HD-quality formats ideal for use on a home PC or TV. The second option is called „Mobile” and is formatted for smartphones and tablets like the iPhone, iPad, and many others. The third option is called „Console” and converts the files into formats especially suited to gaming. The final option „Audio” offers a choice of MP3 or Ogg Vorbis formats.