Compact Mode

Compact Mode Screenshot

If you don't want to use all TubeBox's functions as a YouTube downloader and converter, you can run TubeBox in compact mode to quickly and easily download videos and music without any unnecessary additional functions. You can streamline TubeBox to run only its basic functions. This is known as compact mode. In this compact format, TubeBox can sit discreetly on your screen without taking up too much space.

The „Always on top” option ensures that TubeBox is always displayed on top of all other windows on your screen. When TubeBox is running in compact mode and you want to use it to download from YouTube or from another site, just navigate to the relevant website in your browser and copy the link for the item you wish to download. This will then automatically appear in the search bar. Then just click on „Download” to download the chosen content. Using the built-in MP3 and video converter, you can convert the file into a different format if desired. Click on the arrow and just one click on „Audio” extracts only the audio track of the video („YouTube to MP3”) and saves it as a music track.

Compact Mode Screenshot

Clicking on „Video” launches the „MP4 Converter,” which converts the video to the most common film format.

During this process, the status and progress of each download item are followed. In compact mode, you can quickly and easily download videos from YouTube and all other portals.