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  • What is TubeBox?
    With the Tubebox program, you can quickly and easily find, listen to/view, and download your favorite music and videos from a wide variety of entertainment portals. It supports all major providers such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo,Clipfish, Metacafe, and others. You can choose to save the file as an audio or video file and convert it into a range of target formats (in HD, for iPhone, iPad, or smartphones, etc.).
  • Where can I find my downloads?
    During the download or conversion, you can find all files in the tab "Downloads." There, use the small keys to preview individual tracks, and pause, restart, or completely abort the download. When the whole process is completed you will findall the tracks in the specified folder.
  • Is TubeBox really 100% free?
    Yes! You can use TubeBox without restrictions. Downloading movies, music, and even TubeBox itself is completely free and will stay that way!
  • What portals does TubeBox offer?
    TubeBox currently supports YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Clipfish, Metacafe, RCVideo, Pro7, Kabel 1, Sat1, the media libraries of ARD and ZDF blogtv.com, citytv.com, Funny Or Die, Jeux Video, MyKewego, and Videolog.tv. For music lovers, thereis now also a connection to the SoundCloud. Either browse each provider individually or do a search across all providers at the same time.
  • Do I need to have the video up and running in my web browser first?
    With TubeBox you can directly search for your favorite videos or songs without needing a web browser at all. Enter the search term directly in the search bar and start the search. Once the search results appear, click on any menu item anduse the built-in preview function for a first impression of the selected item. You can quickly see whether its the video or song you wanted. You can also search via direct links using a browser. You just paste the desired link into the search box after copying it from the browser.
  • Can I download just the music from a video?
    If you want to download only the music from a video and save it as an MP3, just click directly on "MP3" after finding the video you want to extract the music from.
  • What conversion formats are supported by TubeBox?
    TubeBox supports all popular formats, whether you want to download a song or video directly without converting it or you require a special format. If you want to download only the soundtrack of a video and save as an MP3, select "MP3." Ifyou want to convert the video, the following formats are available: For PC: video (MP4), video (WMV), and SVCD (MPeg). For cell phones and mobile consoles, TubeBox can convert to cell phone video (3gp), Android video (MP4), iPhone video (MP4), iPad video (MP4), and PSP video (MP4).To optimize the video for games consoles, you can choose between PS3 video (MP4) or Xbox 360 video (WMV). The latest version of TubeBox also offers audio formats MP3 and Ogg Vorbis.
  • What is the Linkgrabber?
    This handy tool collects all TubeBox video links from various video sites. Simply copy the links in your browser and all copied links are automatically listed in TubeBox by the Linkgrabber. You dont need to paste them in yourself! Return tothe program at any time to view the list of all of the tracks. Click on "Download" to download your chosen videos or MP3s.
  • What is compact mode for?
    For new users and those who just want to make a quick download, we have streamlined the most important TubeBox functions in a clear and simple compact mode. Compact mode can be started from the main window of TubeBox. You can insert a linkto a video manually or automatically. Then just decide whether you want to download the title directly or convert it for your PC, MP3 player, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Its that simple.
  • What are the download options?
    If you have found one or more titles using the "Search" or "Linkgrabber" tabs, you have the choice between "Download," "MP3," or "Convert." Click on "Download" to download the original file directly to your PC without converting the file.Select the "MP3"conversion option to extract the music from a video directly and download. Clicking on "Convert" offers a number of options. You can customize the video and convert it for your purposes, for example for your home PC, smartphone, or iPad.
  • Will I get regular updates and bug fixes?
    We are constantly improving TubeBox and provide regular updates with new features and bug fixes! We always recommend carrying out the updates provided by TubeBox. That way you will always be up to date.
  • Is the TubeBox completely virus free?
    TubeBox is programmed by us, tested regularly, and certified by independent bodies. TubeBox is guaranteed free of malware, adware, or viruses!
  • How to uninstall the TubeBox?

    To uninstall the TubeBox in WINDOWS 7 and Vista:

    Click on Start > Control Panel > Programs or Programs and Features > choose TubeBox in the list of installed programs and click on "Uninstall"

    To uninstall the TubeBox in WINDOWS XP:

    Click on Start > Control Panel > Software > choose TubeBox in the list of installed programs and click on "Uninstall"

  • Is it legal to use TubeBox?
    It is legal to use TubeBox as long as TubeBox can access music or video files that are available to the public on video platforms, and as long as private users dont use it for commercial purposes. (Last updated: 26 September 2012)